*tries my best to maintain jeremy shada blog*
*continues to fail miserably* 

Anonymous: hello baby do you have the original pics? /post/56432657763 thanks!!!!

Sorry man dont have the original pictures anymore sorry anon T-T

(◡‿◡✿) ily.

Just to let you know im not inactive okay im just busy looking for more jeremy pictures for yall.

Anonymous: whats the thing with jeremy in the straight jacket from

its in the jeremy shada tag my dear just scroll wayyyyyy down and you will find a video called the jeremy reel

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☆彡 Ily ☆彡
Anonymous: Just wondering if you knew what that pic of Jeremy and beside it, it says something about his girlfriend and when he gets out of there, he'll marry her is from?

just scroll WAAAAAyyyyYY down the jeremy shada tag and you’ll find the video called ”jeremy reel” 

thesmiserables: Okay so I'm really out of the loop with all the Jeremy stuff that goes on. What's the reel you were talking about?

It’s a new video about Jeremy you can find it in the Jeremy shada tag :D just WAAAyyyYyy down.